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    ADSS cable single jacket 50-100m Mini Span 2-96 core fiber o

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    • Email: sales@hncmec.com
    • Time: 2020-04-19
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    Mini-Span ADSS fiber optic cable is designed for outside plant aerial and duct applications in local and campus network loop architectures. Mini-Span includes fiber counts up to 144 optical fibers and any type of combination of single-mode and laser-optimized multimode fibers with the cable. 
    Pole-to-Pole span lengths range from 50 feet to over 1000 feet.Custom ADSS design  options allow span lengths of over one mile (5,280 feet).
    1.Suitable for distribution and high voltage transmission lines with mini spans or self supporting installation for telecommunication ;
    2.Track -Resistant outer jacket available for the high voltage;
    3.Line where space potentials up to 35kv;
    4.Gel-Filled buffer tubes are S-Z stranded;
    5.Aramid yarn is used as the strength member to assure the tensile and strain performance for mini span (usually below 100 meters) ;
    6.The fiber counts from 4-288 fibers

    Mini span adss cable Technical Parameter:

    Typical Technical Parameter:

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