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    Composite insulator

    polymer pin insulator 10-36kv

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    • Time: 2020-06-12
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    Application for composite insulator:
    Polymer pin type insulator is applied to high voltage power line to support conductor and insulate from ground. And composite insulator is used under 35kV distribution line. Since this type insulator has many advantages, now days many countries and areas more and more use this type insulator to displace porcelain or ceramic insulator.
    Component of composite pin insulator:
    1. The core uses pulling bar made of epoxide reinforced fiber glass, which has good insulation ability, light mass and high intensity and so on.
    2. The outer insulation layer is silicon rubber, which formed by high temperature integration pressing and has good sealing ability and high grade of anti-dust, maintenance free and so on.
    3. The metal connection adopts pressing technique, which makes the insulator smaller and no damage on the mandrill. It has good sealing ability and is very convenient for installation.

    Features of composite pin insulator:
    1. The under surface and grooves of sheds or skirts are easy cleaning. Sheds are substantially symmetrical in shape without appreciable warping.
    2. The composite pin insulator is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. It can be suitable for both bare and protected conductors.
    3. This type composite insulators bottom metal end fitting can be suitable for mounting on steel cross arm or wooden cross arm.
    4. The top and side grooves can be designed to accept conductor sizes in the range of customers’ requirement.
    5. The final color of the insulator housing shall be red or grey.
    Processing method for composite pin insulator:
    Normally for polymer pin type insulator, there are two producing methods, one is mould pressing, another is injection. For us we adept the first method mould pressing, Since this way not only can meet the requirement of technic, but also it is an economic way which can save some cost and make our composite pin insulator more competitive.
    But for our high voltage composite suspension insulator we use injection technic, the purpose is to match the quality demand.
    Voltage class:
    11kV, 24kV, 33kV. 10kV, 12kV, 15kV, 20kV, 22kV, 35kV, 36kV.
    The strength of polymer pin type insulator:
    6kN, 8kN, 10kN, 12.5kN

    Besides IEC61109, we can also produce totally in accordance with customer’s requirement.

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