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    Surge Arrester

    1000kV Surge Arrester

    • Product ID:Surge Arrester
    • Skype:richtang731
    • Phone: 18900751339
    • Tel: 0731-85499326
    • Email: sales@hncmec.com
    • Time: 2020-06-03
    • 咨詢

    silicone polymer housing composite metal oxide surge arrester and porcelain housing metal oxide surge arresters are available.
    easy installation and maintenance.
    good sealing capability to ensure reliable operation.
    protection and reliability of the surge arrester have been greatly enhanced.

    Technical data:
    Type code:Y20W-828/1620W
    Rated voltage of system(kV):1000
    Rated voltage of surge arrester(kV rms):828
    MOCV (kV rms):638
    Reference voltage(kV)≥:1114
    Residual voltage impulse(kVP)≤:
    2ms currest withstanding(A):8000
    4/10μs High current withstanding(kA):4X100

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