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    Load break switch

    FLW34-12/24 Outdoor SF6 Insulation Load Break Switch

    • Product ID:Load break switch
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    • Email: sales@hncmec.com
    • Time: 2020-06-05
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    FLW34-12/24 type outdoor pole-mounted HV AC SF6 insulation load break switch is suitable to the distribution network with rated voltage 12/24kV, rated current 400/630A, three-phase AC 50/60Hz to open and close the load current and short circuit current in the power system. It can automatically disconnect the distribution line segment in which the fault occurred. Equipped with the advanced electronic controller, the switch can be for manual operation, electric operation and remote operation. The electronic controller is installed in a stainless steel cabinet, so it can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions. The wire and wireless modems can be also installed in the cabinet to realize remote monitoring and control. Simple, convenient and quick pole mounting can lower the installation cost. The product conforms to the standards of IEC60265-1, IEC62271-103 & GB/T3804: 3.6kV~40.5kV AC high voltage load break switch and IEC60694 & GB/T11022: high voltage switch apparatus and control device.
    Ambient conditions
    1. Altitude: ≤3000m;
    2. Ambient temperature: -40℃~+50℃;diurnal temperature rang ≤25℃;
    3. Wind speed: ≤35m/s, equivalent to wind pressure of 700Pa;
    4. Earthquake intensity: ≤grade 8;
    5. Relative humidity: 100%;
    6. Ice thickness: ≤10mm
    7. Pollution degree: ≤Ⅳ(GB5582);
    8. Applicable occasions: no fire and explosion danger, no chemical corrosion and no frequent severe vibration.


    Main function features
    1. SF6 gas insulation: SF6 gas is the non-toxic, non-combustible and electrical insulation gas, it has excellent arc-extinguishing performance;
    2. Besides the standard porcelain bushing, a variety of options are available including silicon rubber insulator on the epoxy equipment bushing;
    3. Visible Open/Close The main contact position indicator marked by colors (Green-Open; Red-Close) can be easily visible from the ground. The indicator is connected directly to the main contact drive shaft assembly to ensure displaying the contact state accurately;
    4. Quick operation Using a spring energy storage operator to ensure rapidly closing and opening operation(less than 1s);
    5. Remote controllable With a electronic controller, field operation or main control platform operation through FTU-interface can be realized;
    6. Sturdy and durable switch The switch is made from the sturdy, durable and anti-corrosion materials (304L stainless steel plate for warships) to ensure long service life(more than 30 years) and a series of operations;
    7. Easily installation The switch can be pole mounted easily ;
    8. Standards Each switch is filled with Sf gas and sealed well before delivery, and is strictly tested according to the standards IEC60265-1 6 (1998) and GB3804-1990.
    Outline and installation dimension


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