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    Power Transformer

    H-Class Insulation Dry-type Transformer

    • Product ID:Power Transformer
    • Skype:richtang731
    • Phone: 18900751339
    • Tel: 0731-85499326
    • Email: sales@hncmec.com
    • Time: 2020-06-03
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    The dry transformer has following insulation classes: class B , Class F, class H, class C, etc. their thermal-endurance temperature is respectively 130℃,150℃,180℃ ,220℃ . As adopting new material and new technology of Depont, the model SG(B) dry type transformer has reached class H of thermal endurance , and some of its key location reached class C of thermal endurance
    Model SG(B) new products are dry transformer with the highest safety in current market. All of tis insulating materials are of non-combustion supporting , self-extinguishing,? nontoxic one. It shows advantages especially when used in those fields where high safety is required, humidity and temperature are high , and ventilation is poor, such as in power sites, underground railways, ships, chemical and metallurgical sites. Outer casing and blower fan cab be provided if required by users.
    The coil of model SG(B) is specially designed and made of special material with special technical process, which renders the product excellent moisture-proof, mildew-proof and salty fog-proof performances, much higher temperature endurance, and permanent chap-free ability. The Nomex-based insulating system can remains at the extraordinary excellent and mechanical performances and compressive strength, therefore its coil can keep a compact and tight structure after many years’ service and the transformer can withstand short-circuit voltage.
    Environmental protection
    Model SG(B) product can be disassembled for recovery after life-end, thus meeting clients’ requirements one environmental protection. While those dry transformers made via epoxy cast can’t be disassembled , because the resin glass has cured into an integral one , and therefore is unfavorable for environmental protection.
    Strong overload capacity
    Model SG(B) adopts new structure, novel material and up-to-date technology, featuring good heat-sinking capability, long thermal endurance, strong overload capability, it can run stably under 120% rated load for a long period. It can keep a long term running under full-load in IP23 environment without forced air ventilation necessary.
    Main Technical Parameters for 10kV SG(B)-30-2500 Type

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