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    Disconnect Breaker

    GW□-12/24/40.5 Outdoor HV Disconnect Switch

    • Product ID:Disconnect Breaker
    • Skype:richtang731
    • Phone: 18900751339
    • Tel: 0731-85499326
    • Email: sales@hncmec.com
    • Time: 2020-06-04
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    Product name:
    GW-12/24/40.5 Outdoor HV Disconnect Switch
    GW -12/24/40.5-630-20(25) outdoor AC high voltage disconnect switch (disconnec t switch f or short) is used to open and close circuit with voltage but no-load 50/60Hz, 12/24/40.5kV power system, The anti-pollution type can be used in the serious pollution area. Three pole linkage, good synchronous performance. IEC62271-103: High voltage switches.
    NOTE: The model of the 24kV Outdoor HV Disconnect Switch is GWHY2-24.
    Ambient condition
    1. Altitude: 3000m ;
    2. Ambient temperature: -30 ~+40 ;
    3. Wind speed: 35m/s;
    4. Air pollution: IV;
    5. Earthquake intensity: 8 degree;
    6. Ice thickness: 10mm.
    Structure feature
    This disconnect switch consists of frame, operating insulating, static contactor, blade, linkage spring mechanism, etc.
    Frame: 5mm chickness bended armor plate, there are holes on the frame to fixed post insulator.
    Post and operating insulator: adopt ZS-12, 40.5 series outdoor clubbed post insulator, The mini resist bend load is 4000N.
    Static contactor: it is made of violet copperplate and fixed on post insulator.
    Blade: it is made of rectangular violet copperplate, there is an press-spring to adjust press.
    The switch vertical or horizontal installed in outdoor with CS mechanism.


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