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    Cable Lug(DL/DT/DLT/DTL-3/DT-S)

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    • Time: 2020-05-25
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    German Standard Aluminum Copper Cu/Al Bimetallic Cable Terminal Lugs

    Bimetallic lug are mostly useful where an aluminum cable has to be terminated by a copper busbar or copper contact.
    Technique of production:
    The transition section between aluminum and copper is produced by friction welding, no breaking welding.
    Barrels are supplied capped and filled with jointing compound to avoid oxidation of the aluminum conductor.
    Material: 99.9% purity copper & 99.5% purity aluminum.
    Final treatment: Acid cleaning

    OEM is acceptable
    Type: DL



    Type: DTL-3


    Type: DT-S

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